Sunday, 13 July 2014

Hell0 Baby with SHINee

Season 2 of KBSjoy's Hello Baby is finally here! With a different look from Season 1, which had SNSD showing their motherhood potential, now Shinee members become young dads and take care of a baby. This season showcases an adorable baby "Yoo Geun", and takes you into the Shinee members' days as they adventure through the path of fatherhood as boys. This show will give you leaps and bounds of hilarity combined with a unique learning perspective for the boys!

100120 Episode 1  
100127 Episode 2

100203 Episode 3  

100210 Episode 4  

100217 Episode 5 

100223 Episode 6 

100302 Episode 7 

100309 Episode 8 

100316 Episode 9 

100323 Episode 10 

100330 Episode 11 

100406 Episode 12 

100413 Episode 13
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