Sabtu, 20 Juni 2015

K!ng Of Mask S!nger

King Of Mask Singer w/ Eng Sub

Law 0f The Jungle M!cronesia

Law Of The Jungle Micronesia w/ Eng Sub
  • Location: Micronesia, Oceania
  • Members: Kim Byung-man, Ryu Dam, Park Jung-chul, Oh Jong-hyuk, Im Won-hee, Ye Ji-won, Si-wan (ZE:A), Chan-yeol (EXO)
  • Notes: Chan-yeol and Si-wan performed a "Relay Survival", with Chan-yeol participating for the first week (ep.1-5) then returning to Korea and Si-wan joining the remaining members for the second week (ep.5-9)

Sup3rman Return

Superman is Back or Superman Returns w/ Eng Sub