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[EngSub] Poor Prince Taro

  • Title: 貧窮貴公子 (贫穷贵公子) / Pin Qiong Gui Gong Zi
  • Also known as: Poor Prince Taro / Rich Boy Taro / Yamadataro Monogatari
  • Episodes: 15
  • Broadcast network CTS
  • Broadcast year: 2001
  • Opening song: I Want to Hold Your Hand by Dragon 5
  • Ending song: Ni Shi Wo De Xing Fu Ma (你是我的幸福嗎) Are You My Happiness? by Annie Yi
  • Related drama: Yamada Taro Monogatari


From the Japanese manga Yamadataro Monogatari. Tai Lang(Taro) is the smart, capable, and good at everything. He is the most popular with girls at school not just due to his qualities but also because of rumors that his family is the richest of the MANY very rich families at his school. But the truth is, Tai Lang lives in a poor one-room home with his mother and six siblings, scraping for every single cent and his skills come only from being the man and woman of the house. Unintentionally hiding his poverty, Taro is a kind person which makes him all the more lovable. When Long Zi falls for his exterior, she tries to seduce him to get out of the low-middle-class life she is living until she discovers the truth about his "riches"...


  • Vic Zhou as Tai Lang
  • Gao Hao Jun as Yu Chen
  • Li Jin Hong as San Pu
  • Ken Zhu as He Fu
  • Annie Yi as Ling Zi
  • Sandrine Pinna as Si Mei
  • Aya Liu as Long Zi
  • Stella Chang as Niao Ju
  • Wu Ti Ni as Mei Jia
  • Lin You Wei as A Tian
  • Edward Ou
  • Pally Chien
  • Ge Wei Ru
  • Liu Geng Hong
  • Yang Ya Zhu
  • Eric Chen
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