Saturday, 12 July 2014

EX0 Happy Camp

Happy Camp is a Chinesevariety show produced by Hunan Broadcasting System. The series debuted in July 7, 1997, and has remained in production since then due to its popularity. The show was hosted by the Happy Family: He Jiong, Li Weijia, Xie Na, Du Haitao, and Wu Xin. Happy Camp is one of China's most popular shows, with a viewership of tens of millions. The show is played every Saturdays.

Credit : Wikipedia

120721 with EXO  
FULL 1 | FULL 2 | FULL 3 | FULL 4

130706 with EXO  

140705  with EXO

Credit: EXO-M Global, wenqq26, 2MoonsSubs, 迷戀EXO-ManiaSub,  WISHeeStar, PandaSubs, xoxosubs, Xi MeiFan, ☆ boonyi ☆ [6],  Baby Xiumin, Alina D, anerianat93

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